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Medical Alert Resources


Medical Alert Resources


Yes, the VA has programs in place to pay for medical alert systems. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers two options for senior veterans who want a medical alert system. These systems can be a great way for seniors to avoid or minimize serious medical emergencies when they’re home alone. Family and friends can also feel more at ease knowing that their aging loved one is safe and protected.

What Medical Alert Providers Partner with the VA?

The VA partners with two companies, LifeLife and MedEquip Alert, to provide medical alert systems to senior veterans free of charge.


This company has a special program in place for veterans. It provides a LiveLife mobile medical alert device to veteran seniors who are at risk of falling. This device works anywhere in the United States. When the emergency button is pressed, the senior’s location will be sent to up to five trusted loved ones and each person will also be contacted. Whoever answers the call will be able to have a two-way conversation with the senior.

The device also has automatic fall detection that signals with loud beeping. Seniors have up to 20 seconds to press a button and cancel the emergency alert if they’re not in danger or hurt. If the button isn’t pressed, a fall alert and GPS location will be sent to the individual’s chosen contact. The user has the option of programming 9-1-1 as one of their emergency contacts.

This device is fully reimbursed by the VA to qualifying seniors and can be obtained through a VA hospital or a medical provider. The referrer must document that the senior is at risk of falling and needs the device.

MedEquip Alert

MedEquip also has a program in place for veterans. The company offers its MedEquip Alert Button at no charge to senior veterans. This medical alert system has a button that can be pressed during an emergency. The senior will be connected with an operator to get the help they need, and calls are monitored 24/7. If necessary, family, friends or emergency services will be contacted to provide help quickly. Emergency services will know the wearer’s location and no landline or Wi-Fi is required to use this alert system.

This free medical alert device with monitoring can be ordered by calling the company toll free, at a VA hospital or through a primary care doctor or occupational therapist.