*****MUSIC EVENT*****

June 19, 2020 - 7:30 p.m. 



$10.00 Donation requested


Need a Friday out from the house? Come out to the Legion and see 

The Route 66 Band performing at the Post and enjoy a fish fry dinner as well.


Some info about the band:

Don Widner - Lead guitar/keys/vocals 

With several decades of experience playing live and entertaining people, Don takes the helm and leads the band in developing their signature sound. His main influences derive from Rock N Roll, Country and Blues. Before starting the Route 66 Band, Don was involved in the Bottomland Band, Southwest Highway Band, and the P3 band.

Randy Bain - Rhythm guitar/vocals

As a life-long lover and player of music, Randy started at an early age playing along with his father, and following in his footsteps. His love of Elvis Presley and the emulation when entertaining people has earned him the nickname of " The King ". Randy's influences draw from a variety of music, but, primarily 50's/60's Rock, Country, and a little Blues. Randy is the glue to the bands camaraderie.

Chris Widner - Drums

Surrounded by music his whole life due to his father, Don, Chris Widner brings a younger presence to the group. His unique playing method brings a welcome dynamic to the heart of this group. His influences draw from Rock, Metal and Country. He was a member of the P3 band, alongside his father, Don,and now he brings his unique styling to the Route 66 Band.

Rich Newland - Bass/vocals

Every band has an anchor person. Rich is the creative/driving force in bettering the talents of the group. His addition to the group has brought a whole new level of expertise and professionalism. Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres, coupled with his years of experience in such bands as Whiskeyfist, Playlist, Double D and the Sensations, among others, Rich completes the intricate puzzle that is the Route 66 Band.

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Call the Post with any other questions at 630-833-7800.

The Route 66 Band will return to the Post on July 24, 2020. 

$10.00 Donation requested