American Legion T.H.B. Post 187






Mission: To promote a healthy and successful lifestyle for all service members and veterans of all eras of the

United States Armed Forces and their loved ones by providing positive networking, fitness and recreational

opportunities and community events. AllenForce strives to bridge the gap between military and civilian life as

veterans face an ever-changing adjustment process after serving our nation.


Vision: An educated nation of united communities where veterans and their families will be empowered

to access a network of resources for long-term healthy and successful lifestyles.


Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is a free program operated through licensed fitness centers throughout the nation to provide injured or ill Veterans

  • Two, one year memberships (veteran and chosen “PT PARTNER”)-promotes healthy fitness habits and is a positive outlet for stress relief.
  • Up to 15 personal training sessions with a qualified Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies professional.
  • Monthly networking opportunities-provide mentoring, peer support, connecting with other veteran organizations, adapted sport experiences.  

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Contact Donna Allen-Sebok, CEO and Co-founder of Allen Force, at 847-372-1092.

Tell her you are a Vet and Elmhurst Post THB 187 member. You may qualify

for a 10% or more discount if a Vet and/or disabled.