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December, 2017

​Rosemary Draine, Contributor, Co-Editor

Mark Snider, Co-Editor, Web Editor 



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Section 1


A SALUTE TO OUR ADVERTISERS: Without you - our advertisers - funds earmarked by American Legion T.H.B. Post 187 for charitable activities and Post operations would have to be expended on the cost of printing and distributing this newsletter. This communication medium, which is important to our membership, is quite expensive to produce. Your subscriptions help us let them know, on a monthly basis, how their Post is helping our hospitalized veterans, their children and families, as well as supporting community youth programs and activities. Each month finds different news and projects reported in THE SNIPER. We are a not-for-profit organization and all income is used for various charitable purposes. We deeply appreciate your support and urge our members to patronize your businesses whenever possible. We also sincerely hope that you will continue to place your advertising with us in the years ahead. On behalf of the Legion representative who called on you to solicit your ad, as well as each and every member of Elmhurst American Legion T.H.B. Post 187 and Auxiliary Unit 187, thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you a healthy and prosperous Year! -- The Officers and Committee Chairs of T.H.B. Post 187; Auxiliary T.H.B. Unit 187; Sons of the American Legion T.H.B. Squadron 187

Please see our ADVERTISERS and SPONSORS tabs on the web site. 



Section 2


2017 - 2018 T.H.B. POST 187 OFFICERS

COMMANDER ....................................................... John A. Scudder

SR. VICE-COMMANDER ......................................... Rus C. Strahan

1ST JR. VICE-COMMANDER ............................... Peggy D. Krihak

2ND JR. VICE-COMMANDER.....................................Jim Kleinow 

ADJUTANT........................................................... Robert T. Blewett

RECORDER ............................................................... Mark J. Snider 

FINANCE OFFICER .......................................... Albert M. Bertolani

CHAPLAIN/SERVICE OFFICER ...................... Matthew J. Kramer

HISTORIAN ...........................................................................open.....

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ................................... William R. Shanklin



PRESIDENT ............................................................ Peggy D. Krihak

1ST VICE-PRESIDENT ......................................... Ruth E. Valentino

2ND VICE-PRESIDENT ........................................ Teddie L. Mitchell

TREASURER .......................................................... Rosemary Draine

SECRETARY .......................................................................open.......

HISTORIAN .........................................................................open.......

CHAPLAIN ............................................................. René Trajkovich

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS .................................................. Judy Keinz

ASSISTANT SERGEANT-AT-ARMS..................Teddie L. Mitchell




COMMANDER ............................................................ Mark J. Snider

SR. VICE-COMMANDER ................................ Charles J. Ostrowski

JR. VICE-COMMANDER ...................................... Daniel K. Liedke

ADJUTANT............................................................ Robert T. Blewett

CHAPLAIN ..................................................... Wayne M. Rutkowski

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ......................................... C.A. "Bud" Jason



Post and Sons of Legion Meetings are held together at 7:00 PM on the second and fourth

Tuesdays of each month from March through June, and only on the fourth Tuesday

(except December) from July through February. ​

Post Corporation meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm. 


Auxiliary Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month.

The Board meeting is held at 6:00 pm. The Unit meeting is held at 7:00 pm. 



Section 3




World War I: April 6, 1917 - November 11, 1918.

World War II: December 7, 1941 - December 31, 1946.

Korean War: June 25, 1950 - January 31, 1955.

Vietnam War: February 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975.

Lebanon/Grenada: August 24, 1982 - July 31, 1984.

Panama: December 20, 1989 - January 31, 1990.

Persian Gulf War: August 2, 1990 to cessation of hostilities.

All Service Personnel: 1990 until Present.


In the event of illness or death, please contact the Post Home at (630) 833-7800, or one of the appropriate officers listed below. Commander: John A. Scudder (630) 935-8489, Chaplain/Service Officer: Matthew J. Kramer (630) 279-6404, Auxiliary Treasurer: Rosemary Draine (630) 530-0582, S.A.L. Chaplain: Wayne M. Rutkowski (630) 953-2183.



Section​ 4




Dear Post and Auxiliary Members:

New Year 2017 has begun and it brings with it some great projects which will enhance our Post Home. The Legion will be partnering with Home Depot in remodeling the Normandy Room from top to bottom. This project will include wallpaper, paint, carpeting and a dance floor. We have already installed new LED lighting. These renovations will allow us to market the room with an updated image which will showcase the capabilities of our banquet room for weddings, other special events and large meetings. Bob Blewett is the "ramrod" on this project. Thanks, Bob!

Next on our list is a new digital sign which will replace our out-of-date ones and the various banners facing Butterfield Road. The multi-colored message board will advertise various Legion events, Blue-Plate Lunch specials, upcoming entertainment, Friday Nite Fish Fry and wedding information. This is a 21st-century means to get our messages across to the public.

Our Thanksgiving Day festivities hosting the recruits from Great Lakes Naval Training Station were outstanding. About 45 recruits were treated to a homecooked turkey dinner with everything imaginable on the tables and the meal was served family-style so they would not have to stand in yet another line! My sincerest thanks to all those who volunteered part or most of their holiday time to make this annual event take off like a rocket!! A special thanks and shout-out to Cher Smith Conrad (our own military "mother hen") for putting it all together. Heaps of thanks, also, to "Chef Janice" for volunteering to cook the turkeys, hams and veggies for the feast. Baking coordinator was Past-Commander, Bob Daniels. As always, Bob, everything was great! Past-Commander, Peggy Krihak, did an outstanding job in putting everything in place. These people deserve all the kudos the Post can give them. 

Last, but certainly not least, a HUGE round of applause to the Elmhurst Public Library for the use of 15 laptops for the "boots" to communicate to loved ones around the world! It was a great sight.

Out of a membership of over 500, we have just 15-20 men and women who actively get the job done at T.H.B. Post 187 - volunteers for Fish Fry; the Scholarship Committee; the Table Set-Up Crew; our newsletter, THE SNIPER - 15-20 people cannot continue to carry the load. Please remember to support your Post!!

-- John Scudder, Commander



Section​ 5




Nov. 18, 2017

New members:  

Bruce Dubiel   Vietnam, Marines

Leo Donald Faje

S.A.L. Member:

Gerald Johnson 

Dave Novotny

Transferred in:

Michael Kopp

Gary Sanders

Francis Winkel  Korean War, Marines

Welcome to you all !! 


We have received many questions regarding dues payments. We do not send out notices; they are mailed from the Department of Illinois and may cross in the mail with your payment. If paying online, we do not receive those dues until they are processed by State, so please bear with us.

It has come to our attention that some members have problems paying their dues because of circumstances beyond their control. It could be a matter of food, heat, or medicines. Some of these individuals are long-time members. If you would like to help them out, add a donation to your dues payment or make an outright donation to members’ dues. If you know of someone in need, or if you wish to pay someone’s dues, please notify Bob Blewett, Post Adjutant at 815-822-0779.



Section 6



Nov. 18, 2017

Normandy Room- I would like to personally thank all the volunteers that helped remodel the Normandy room. The Home Depot Foundation provided not only the funds for the project but Volunteers. They not only helped remodel the room but also cleaned and replanted and removed trees outside of the Legion. Home Depot also provides All Veterans a 10% discount.  We had a few Post members help. I would also like to thank the Local Carpenters Union 1185, they stepped up and laid all the flooring.  Thank you one and all.


Dues Notice Alert!!  The dues notices are sent out by the by the State. Sometimes the notices cross in the mail. Feel free to contact me if you believe there is an error so we can fix the issues.

We are in need of new members! Our membership is declining due to the passing of our comrades and others not renewing their memberships. Members are men and women who share not only a common past but also help our Veterans get and keep the benefits they need and deserve. Do you have any relatives, friends or neighbors who might be eligible to join the American Legion?  Ask them to join or transfer to our Post.  We will welcome them!  If any Post member brings in a candidate for membership at the regular dues price of $40.00 - and that person is eligible and has all the proper discharge information - the Post member will receive a gift certificate for our Friday Night Fish Fry dinner.

Volunteers are needed. As you know our post needs volunteers to make activities more successful so if you have one day or evening a month to spare, we could use your help at Fish Fry, Wednesday Night Bingo or any of the various parties we have, or on various projects around the Post Home.  Please give me a call, or stop by the Post during Fish Fry or attend any of our meetings and talk with us.

Post Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from March through June, and only on the fourth Tuesday (except December) from July through February.  Check the calendar in each issue of this newsletter for meeting dates.  If you are present, you could find yourself leaving a bit richer from our “Split the Pot” door prize or the Membership Attendance Drawing (worth $200) if your number is picked.  S.A.L. members are most welcome to attend all Post Meetings.

IMPORTANT !!  Please send in your DD-214s if they are not already on file with us.  We need them in case your family cannot find your original.  It will be needed to ensure you receive every benefit to which you are entitled when you pass away.  This has become a problem when members transfer in.  If you need to order a copy, you can go online to http://vetrecs.archives.gov or call the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis at 1-877-827-9026.

Honor Flight Chicago … Is taken application for those Veterans form WWII, Korean and Vietnam.   I do have the application for those whom are interest.  Honor Flight also will take application for Volunteers.  This is a FREE trip for those veterans. There is a cost for the Volunteers.

 -- Bob Blewett, Post Adjutant  815-822-0779



Section 7



Do you have a loved one, neighbor or friend that you would like to honor with a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial in Wilder Park? If so, now is the time to reserve a date to do so. However, to have the date you would like to reserve on the 2017 schedule, apply now to be sure it’s available. There is no charge to honor a deceased veteran. If there is someone you would like to honor during a Sunday afternoon ceremony, please contact the Veterans Memorial Commission at the Elmhurst City Hall, 209 North York Street, (630) 530-3000, to obtain an application form. Forms may also be picked up from the rack in the Doug Chant Room at the Post Home. Complete the information requested, then submit it, along with a copy of the Veteran’s DD-214 (or Enlisted Record & Report of Separation), to the Veterans’ Memorial Commission at the Elmhurst City Hall. The Veteran you wish to honor does NOT need to be a member of the American Legion. The only requirement is that he, or she, be honorably discharged.

-- Rosemary Draine - Member, Elmhurst Veterans Memorial Commission



IN MEMORIAM:  Nov. 2017 

Francis Branich, MD.,  24 years

Salvatore Sparacio, 7 years



Section 8



Because we have only one cook (me) for most of the lunches, a schedule of future lunches will be posted on the bulletin board near the restrooms in the Legion Lounge. If you wish to volunteer to cook on any Saturday, please contact me or sign up on the aforementioned schedule. Plan to cook for about 25-30 people. Anything you wish to prepare is fine. You will be reimbursed for all your expenses.

Since September, 2015, the S.A.C. lunches have made enough profit to purchase the following equipment for the Legion: A commercial French Fry cutter, a refrigerated prep table, fryer baskets, tongs, steak weights, cases of beer, wine and highball glasses, a food warmer/proofer cabinet, a door gasket for the warmer, trash cans AND a new Energy Star Ice Machine, made in the U.S.A. (Manitowoc, Wisconsin).

These items were able to be purchased because of all the people who have come in for a good lunch on Saturdays (usually just $5.00) and also supported our Brunches. We hope to keep up the lunches, but I do need time off to take care of my projects at home. My deepest thanks to everyone who has been supporting this activity.

-- Bob Daniels, Past Commander (630) 530-2219



Normandy Banquet Hall and Cafe 187 Rental Information

If you are planning an event such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary party, please consider renting one of the rooms at your Post Home. The Normandy Banquet Hall is ideal for large gatherings, it can accommodate 220 people. Cafe 187 can accommodate 75 people. Packages are available for buffet or family-style dinners, or dinners "by the plate".

As a Legion member, you will also receive a discount off the cost of the regular room rental. For details and menu items, click our website tab "Normandy Banquet Hall Rental Information." Or, call the Post at (630) 833-7800, or stop in any weekday and speak to Pat Klouda, Banquet Manager, for information and to see if the date of your event is available.

-- Al Bertolani, Corporation President



Section 9



We wish to express our most sincere thanks to the following for their generosity:

The Karaoke 50/50 Raffle Program - 


Please note that donations can be made to honor birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or any other special event that you wish to remember.

-- Bud Jason, Past Commander



The following attendees at our Friday Nite Fish Frys and other events went home a bit richer than when they arrived:



Congratulations to all our winners! The money raised from these raffles helps the Post pay for the entertainment we’ve been enjoying each week. 

If you haven’t been around lately, why not come on down to the Post Home to enjoy a delicious dinner and purchase a few raffle tickets? Perhaps YOU will be our next lucky winner! Many thanks to all of you for your continued support of this fundraiser.

-- Bud Jason, Past Commander



Section 10




It is with great pride we report that Post member, Kevin Calkins, was named the Honorary Starter for the 33rd Annual Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot. Kevin is a Vietnam War veteran and was the driving force behind the refurbishment of the Vietnam War Memorial in Wilder Park. The previous plaque was worn, tattered and barely visible. In collaboration with the Elmhurst Park District, Kevin raised over $10,000 to create a new monument to properly pay honor and tribute to the 14 Elmhurst residents who gave their lives during this war.

Congratulations, Kevin !!



Section 11



Cher Smith-Conrad reported receipt of the following message recently regarding the positive effects of this activity. She wanted to share it with our membership:

"From: Delgadillo Cpl Mervyn Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Subject: Thank You

To: Chersmithconrad

Good Morning, On behalf of the Marines of HMLA-267 who have received your care packages we would like to thank you and the members of the auxiliary, community groups and the individuals who took time to ensure that we are well taken care of. Your gesture of gratitude is greatly appreciated, once again thank you so much.

Cpl. Delgadillo, Mervyn

Maintenance Data Specialist HMLA-267 "STINGERS" 1 315 636-1107"

Way to go, Cher, and all her helpers!!



Section 12




Happy New Year to all our members!

As our Unit begins its 94th year, we are experiencing some uncertain times, as are other Units. Our membership numbers are declining and we have no scheduled fundraiser for this fiscal year. As we struggle through the coming months, please remember that we continue to support and serve our active military and veterans and their families. We donate supplies and volunteer at Hines V.A. Hospital; we visit veterans at various residential facilities; we donate items to the Shelter for Homeless Veterans and other veterans’ facilities; we welcome home service members; we accompany military funerals; we mail boxes overseas and provide supplies to the U.S.O. at O’Hare. If you know of anyone who needs our help, please contact me. If you can volunteer, please contact me. May we always keep focused on our goal -- to serve those who serve.

Unfortunately, our annual Chili Cook-Off Contest scheduled for November 12 had to be cancelled because there were not enough entries to have a real competition. We hope to be able to reschedule it sometime this year. Many thanks to all committee members, and a special thank-you to Janice Mancusi, our Chair for this event and Chef at our Post Home. This was our only fundraiser for 2016.

As I reported in the last issue, we need to revisit our dues. In January, 2016, our per-capita payment to National and Department increased to $20. This means we keep only $4 of your dues payment in the Unit with which to pay our bills. At our December meeting, it was voted to increase Senior dues to $28, effective with the 2018 dues.

Our next Unit Meeting will be February 13 at 7 PM. Copies of our newlyrevised Constitution and By-Laws will be available. Leslie Uher and her Social Committee will provide refreshments.

As of December 15, our Unit has 157 Senior and 22 Junior members paid up. Department has set our goal at 182. If you have not yet renewed your membership, please do so as soon as possible so your membership does not lapse. Please send them to our Membership Chair, Rosemary Draine. We still have nine members in arrears from last year. These memberships will be terminated if not paid by March. Perhaps you have other female relatives who may also be eligible for membership. How about asking them if they would like to join? And don’t forget friends or neighbors who also may be eligible.

Our Dessert Bar continues to be featured at the Friday Nite Fish Fry until the Spring. If you can bake for any Friday, please contact Teddi Mitchell at (630) 261-1286. Teddi is filling in for Julie Simeoni who is recuperating from surgery.

Don’t forget … if you are in need of transportation to any of our functions or events, please call me and we can make sure you have a ride.

The next issue of THE SNIPER will be published in March.

Thank you one and all for your many kindnesses and support. I hope this will be a very good year for our Auxiliary Unit and each of you. We continue to need your help and your prayers.

-- Rosemary Draine (630) 530-0582 imroe2@aol.com



Section 13



DATES TO REMEMBER - 2017-2018:

​December 7: - Pearl Harbor Day

December 11: - Auxiliary Unit Meeting 7:00 pm

​Decemebr 12: - Hanukkah begins at sundown 

December 16: - Christmas Party for Kids (tentative) 11:30 am - 3:00 pm  

​December 19: - Corporation Meeting 6:00 pm 

​December 24: - Christmas Eve

​December 25: - Christmas Day

​December 31: - New Year's Eve

January 1: - New Year’s Day

​January 8: -  Auxiliary Unit Meeting 7:00 pm

January 15: - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (observed)

January 16: -  Corporation Meeting 6:00 pm  

​January 23: -  Post Meeting 7:00 pm 

​February 2: - Ground Hog Day

February 12: - Auxiliary Unit Meeting 7:00 pm

Febrauray 14: - Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day

​February 19: - President's Day

​February 20: - Corporation Meeting 6:00 pm

​February 27: - Post Meeting 7:00 pm

​March 12: - Auxiliary Unit Meeting 7:00 pm

​March 13: - Post Meeting 7:00 pm

March 17: - St. Patrick's Day

​March 20: - Corporation Meeting 6:00 pm

March 30: - Good Friday, Passover begins at sundown



Section 14




I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I am happy to report that we ended 2016 with no deaths in our Auxiliary membership. Unfortunately, however, two of our members did lose their spouses in December - Post member George Kujawa, husband of Dorothy Kujawa and Harold Meister, husband of Janet Vitalo. Our deepest sympathies go out to these members and their families.

I am happy to report that Julie Simeoni is recovering well after surgery on her hand.

I want to thank Mary Anne Boehm for her help in making sense of what I write. Mary Anne is a wonder and does a great job for THE SNIPER.

Until next issue, I hope this year will be a peaceful and healthy one for us all.

-- René O. Trajkovich, Chair (630) 620-6028 hrt701@aol.com



With the cancellation of the Chili Cook-Off Contest, which was to be held on November 12, it was decided to raffle off the nine baskets at the Fish Fry on Friday, November 11. Here are the lucky winners of the "Oh-So-Festive" baskets:

Tobey Scudder - "Give Thanks" basket

Susan Chadwick - "Simply Relax" basket

Richard Agemura - "Pamper Yourself" basket

Bob Laramie - "Italian Pasta" basket

Pat Klouda - "Bud Light" and "Guinness Blonde" baskets

Bill Shanklin - "Stella Artois" basket 

Joyce Stevens - "Guinness" basket

"Ms. Longarner" - "Blue Moon" basket

Incidentally, the five beer baskets included six specialty glasses plus a sixpack of that particular beer and assorted snacks.

My sincere thanks to fellow "basketeers" Leslie Uher and Teddi Mitchell. They are super-special teammates!

-- Joanne B. Shultz



Section 15




Nov. 18, 2017

Now is the time to remind those college-age students in your family to think about applying for an Auxiliary Scholarship. There are several scholarships available ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to qualified Post and Unit family members. 

The Auxiliary has scholarships available for American Legion and Auxiliary members, their children, and grandchildren.  To qualify, an applicant must be related to or be a member of T.H.B. Post 187 and be enrolled in good standing at an accredited high school, college, or university.  Applications are available on line at our Post website:  www.americanlegionthb187.org.  Click on the "Auxiliary Scholarship" link and follow the prompts to complete, print, and mail to the address on the application.  The deadline to turn in scholarship applications is March 1, 2018. 
For more information, email Ruth Valentino at ruthvalentino@comcast.net.

--Ruth Valentino, Scholarship Chair


Section 16




Congratulations to all Auxiliary members celebrating their birthdays during this month! We hope you are able to enjoy your "Special Day" in whatever manner pleases you most.

For DECEMBER, our best wishes go to:  


For JANUARY, our best wishes go to:

1: Eileen Hansen

2: Esther Lugo

3: Carole Laramie

5: Niki Wilson

7: Carol Jurewicz, Michelle LS Pretlow

8: Gayle Shaner

14: Regina V. Brooks

17: Amy A. Conway, Shirley Cross

21: Amelia Nacyk (Junior)

25: Mary Lou Prisby, Kathryn S. Hardy

28: Leah Brockman (Junior)

29: Jane Bates

30: Ethel Laramie, Dorothy O’Boyle

31: Ashley Elizabeth Bauman (Junior)



Section 17



Please remember to SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS !! See our ADVERTISERS and SPONSORS tabs on the web site. 

Help those who help us - remember to say, "I saw your ad on the Legion Website" or in "THE SNIPER", and thank them for their support of your Post. 


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